Bridgeway is an enhanced version of Pathway. Although they look very similar, Bridgeway differs from Pathway in 2 ways: the first is the AlNiCo horn supertweeter. Thereby crossing the Scaleax coaxial driver, we extend the dispersion at the highest range.

Open Cell Alu Foam Composite - OCAF

The second is the OCAF technology that appears in Bridgeway. The internally open cell aluminum foam offers several benefits when used in loudspeaker enclosures. Firstly, its unique cellular structure provides excellent acoustic diffuser properties, effectively reducing standing waves between internal surfaces through distributed parameters. In this way, we can further reduce* the amount of fibrous damping material used, which is not ideal due to its non-linear energy dissipation nature.

Secondly, because the foam structure is light and rigid, and the speed of sound propagation in the material is very fast, it is an ideal material for speaker cabinets as a composite element. Thus, we can increase the structural rigidity very effectively without a significant increase in mass or volume. The middle layer of the three-layer composite is a medium-hardness polymer resin with a massive internal damping, while the outer layer is made of 19 mm thick premium beech plywood.


OCAF definitely results in a clearer, more articulate midrange and spatial imaging with a better dynamic feel and a more natural, longer decay.

*The speaker enclosure model, UETL also allows us to use already less initial damping material. Check out the description on the Pathway page.

bridgeway_00 bridgeway_01 bridgeway_02 bridgeway_03

Technical Specifications

Bass unit
Diaphragm: 12" paper cone
Coaxial fullrange unit
Low-midrange: 12" paper cone
High range driver: 1.7" titanium diaphragm compression driver
Highrange horn material: high-density composite polymer
Supertweeter unit
Diaphragm material: titanium
Frequency response up to 32 kHz
Complete system
Sensitivity @1W/1m: 95...96 dB depending on BS setting
Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz, 3kHz, 10.5 kHz
Recommended room size: 30...100 m2
Recommended amplifier: >10W
Nominal impedance: 8 Ω
Connection: Cardas Patented Binding Post
Supplied plinth: SoundCare Superspike M8
Dimensions, W x H (with feet) x D: 408 x 1097 x 470 mm
Total weight, net: 63 kg / side, 126 kg / pair
Packaging: 4 separate boxes, each <40 kg

Available finishes

Veneers, matt-silk lacquer: Elm, European Walnut, Picled Wenge
Monochrome high gloss finishes: Black, White
Lower front: acoustic cloth or high gloss panel


5 years full coverage.

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