We have also created our sub-brand, Arcanist for dedicated products born from the spirit of innovation. These will also be unusual products, like the Schetl loudspeakers.

Arcanist Carbon speaker cable

An absolutely cutting edge loudspeaker cable - coming soon.

Arcanist Mains Distributor & Conditioner AMD06

This is the mains conditioner that cleans up the timbre and opens up the space in such a way that the music doesn't lose life. In fact, it becomes more life. Definitely no dynamic compression. Low level resolution improvement, immediately audible sound quality improvement for all  high end audio, hifi and lo-fi equipment, especially with digital sources.

  • Non-traditional inner structure, special amorphous filter
  • vibration controlled design
  • input mains voltage 160-240V RMS 50-60Hz
  • mains inlet: IEC14 Furutech
  • number of outlets: 6
  • mains outlets: dustproofed industrial design made by PCE/Germany
  • load capacity continuous: 10A RMS (2400VA)
  • input to output resistance: <0,02Ohm
  • continuous electric consuption: 0,25W (2,2kWh/year)
  • external dimensions: 400x150x90mm+feet
  • warrantee: 5 years.

More information and photos coming soon.